Moonbeams and Sweet Dreams


Our newest program initiative, “Moonbeams and Sweet Dreams”, is a family engagement piece to help promote bedtime read-aloud routines.  Our goal is to not only encourage children to read, but to have parents read to their children at home, especially at bedtime, establishing a literacy-based nightly routine so that children become familiar with stories and books, which in turn, will foster a love for reading within their family.

The immediate outcome of the REACH Read-Aloud program and our Moonbeam and Sweet Dreams initiative is to provide reading and literacy materials to children in homeless/domestic violence shelters and low-income communities, regular reading times, and educational workshops to teach parents the power of reading in the home. 

The long-range outcome is to improve long-term success for the children and families we serve and establish a belief that reading is significantly important to the growth and development of all children, especially those at-risk.